Thursday, April 30, 2009

Recent Work Getting Done

I have been trying to stay busy. With a baby on the way, a nursery partially torn apart, a basement full of guitars waiting to be built, and a number of shows to be playing in the next weeks, I have been staying pretty busy. I have been keeping up in the shop though, as I have no less than 7 guitars in various states of completion: 2 electric basses, 2 electric guitars, and 3 acoustics. Here are some pictures of the recent progress.

This is a 5 string singlecut bass that I am very excited about. The walnut top and back were slice from the same crotch, cut about 85 years ago in Maryland from a family members farm. The beauty of the wood used in what will hopefully turn out to be a stunning guitar, should really make the fam proud.

This is a koa back with a ebony/ bloodwood/ ebony center back strap. Soon it will have its Adi braces installed and be waiting for the just as amazing sides.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

This is an update on a very special project for a Mr. Jake Rye of Clarus Sonus productions. He is a up and coming producer from Tecumseh, MI that will soon be a *proud* owner of a spalted maple/ curled sapelle/ ebony ALS Singlecut. Also, as is untypical for me, we are going with 3 p90's. The finish is going to be a bursted translucent black....should be a hot guitar.