Thursday, February 25, 2010

Solid Linings for the Feldman OM

I am finally finishing up the solid cedar linings for the Feldman OM. They are 4 ply 0.050", and are laminated around a male mold. Then I clean them up, route a roundover and glue them in...

Pretty nice looking. smell good too.


The New Case

Ameritage is awesome.


Monday, February 22, 2010

The Montreal ALS Singlecut

Finally, here is a quick update on a very special project for the Montreal Guitar Show. This will be a top of the line ALS singlecut - sapelle back, 1" thickhard flamed maple top, coco accents...I am going to do 3 coco covered P-90's with a 5 way selector. Scale length is 24.9, 24 frets. It is going to be a very deep carve, accentedby a smooth reddish brown burst. She will be for sale at the MGS.

The Ziricote Twins

I picked up two small pieces of Ziricote a while back, and after I resawed them, I had just enough to make two matching guitars. So, here I introduce the Ziricote twins...They are going to SJ's, though more along the lines of an OM in box depth...I am pretty excited about them. Beautiful wood...

Update on the Feldman OM

Well, I finally bucked up and bent the curly koa sides. Went of without any significant damage. Now I am on to making the solid linings... We'll have this box closed in no time!