Friday, May 29, 2009

Last Night's Efforts

I got the neck fit done on the zebrawood 4 string singlecut...she is all glued up and profiled...Now on to the fun stuff - making it feel right against my person. This things is suprisingly heavy right now, we'll see where it ends up...Enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Progress Update

Last night, I got over to Lance's ( and the top sides of my Honduran LKE2 and my cocobolo WLG bowl sanded. They are looking pretty good. Now I just need to clean them up, put in the soundports, and attach the backs...

I also have been making some progress on a flamed walnut/ zebrawood top single cut 4 string as well. I have completed the neck prep, and routed the appropriate tenon pocket in the back...Now I need to route a matching pocket in the top, to create the sandwich neck joint that allows me to create my blended neck/ body carve.

And as a final heads up, I had to throw down a picture of Jake Rye's singlecut. This guitar and I are fighting right now - over carving...Being that it is spalted maple, I have to fill the wood with epoxy, carve until the wood is bare again, fill with epoxy again and so on...the bare spalted maple does not cut evenly because of all the varying densities in the wood...Looks hot though...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More work

Just staying on top of things...Here are a couple pictures of the work I have been making on the acoustic front... My brothers kerfed linings are in his WLG Grand, and the back is bowl sanded...The e2 Jumbo is at the same stage, just waiting for the top to be bowl sanded and prepped, and the Koa OM back is entirely done now...

Staying Busy

Busy has been a defining term in my life recently. But, I have still made time to pinker in the shop towards getting some stuff done. Below is a picture of the birdseye maple fretboard w/ walnut binding for a new 5-string singlecut bass that I am working on...I really do believe it is going to be a fabulous guitar - full of life visually and acoustically.
I also made the neck for that same bass this past weekend...Acouple photos for you...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Again, I have been trying to stay busy. I made a big batch of traditional kerfed linings. I then got these linings installed in my hoduran rosewood small jumbo. I also got my brother's full jumbo sides in the mold. I now need to bowl sand them to prepare them for linings.

I also made some progress on the five string electric bass - made with matching crotch walnut front and back plates. This morning, I got the birdseye maple in that will be used for the fretboard - it is going to be NICE.

Finally, I have made continued improvements on Stephen Feldman's OM - finally having got the back braced - now I am onto the sides.