Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Late September

Just a couple of update pictures of what has been going on.
My awesome daughter...so happy to be in the shop with me :)

 Rob's back and fretboard...nice color palate
 Feldman's OM - a closeed box!!!
 Here is a sample of his binding scheme.
 And a couple of pictures of rosettes...for Rob's and Jake's guitars.
 I also glued up the primary x-bracing on Rob's top...

I promise she was so much happier than these pictures suggest.  She loves being in my shop with me...I will get some better pictures to prove it...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Smattering of Work

I put the backstrap in on Jake Rye's Coco Grand Auditorium.  Now it will be much more stable to work with and will be mated to the sides very soon.
 I simply have to finish sand and prep Goodrich's Bryliegh, and it will be ready for finish!
 I also pretty much worked out Feldman's soundport, so I am ready to close the box...hopefully tonight
This is Jake's back with the backstrap installed. 
 And finally, I put the back strap in on Vischers Bryleigh.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hollowbody ALS

And...I glued and jointed and glued wood for Seth's Hollowbody ALS.  Just the body will will composed of 5 nice layers of wood...Beautiful  stuff though.  You cannot really tell from the pictures how nice the maple is, and how QRTSWN the mahogany is.  I cannot wait to start putting this thing together.

OH yeah, and here is my awesomely messy shop.  I actually thought it looked clean...

Goodrich Bryleigh

These are a bit out of order, but I got Dave's neck flossed in, fretted the FB, and finished up the assembly.  Not long now!

Feldman OM Progress

Well, it has been a hectic and exciting week.  I have been focusing on efficient workflow...i.e. continuing to work on other projects while waiting for glue to dry on current projects.  Hence, I have a lot of progress to show.  Beats picking my nose.    Here are some shots of the Feldman OM.  I got the soundport patch in, and roughed in the sound port.  Now I need to clean it up and close up the box!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Lee Roessler

Another shot of Lee at a show with his / my sweet baby...


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Well,  for all intents and purposes, my wife and I have completed the new room!  Now I can lug some furniture into it and get back to building guitars.  I am really proud of it, and love that I do not have to spend countless hours filling every crack and void in the woodwork :)

The new baby is very soon in coming, any day now!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Well, I have been literally busting my rear end these past days and weeks - unfortunately not all on guitars, but also on completing my soon to be new daughter's room.  I completely gutted it (of 1924 lathe and plaster), put in new electric, insulation, new Anderson 400 series Smartsun windows, and refinished it.  Hopefully it will be nice and warm through the Michigan winter months.

Additionally, I have been staying on my guitars - trying to ensure the top 4 projects are all moving forward - in whatever capacity.  To be honest, it is too easy to let a guitar sit on a shelf for months.  Not good.  I finished up Dave's ziricote bindings on his granadillo Bryleigh, put all the basswood kerfed linings in Rob's granadillo Bryleigh, put all of the mahogany kerfed linings in Jake's GA, and not shown - just about finished voicing Stephen's OM top.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Feldman OM Progress

Well,  amidst getting my daughters new room completed in preparation for our new baby (who should be here in less than two weeks!) I was able to get a good deal done on a very patient friend's guitar.  This will be my first OM, and it will feature flamed Koa B&S, and a port orford cedar top (also a first)).  The binding package is currently slated to be flamed honduran mahogany, flamed new guinea rosewood, or similar.  At one point, we had decided on bloodwood for the binding package, which is still seen in the back strip.  I will be removing this soon.  I will be voicing the top this week, and should be moving on to closing the box, doing the binding, and getting the neck done!

We still need to decide on the soundport design.  But with any luck, we can keep this thing moving.

Thanks for looking!